MA Group AG


MA Group AG works in partnership with the leaders of scientific and academic communities and institutions to facilitate access for researchers to the most valuable world’s scientific knowledge.
Cooperating with top-ranked international scientific publishers we offer premium content through subscription as well as enable usage of versatile discovery and searching tools across repositories of our trusted partners.


We offer the following services:

- Author specific training regarding ethics in publishing, plagiarism and how to successfully publish in international journals
- Supporting author in submitting articles to publishers
- Professional scientific translation services
- Q&A sessions with Publishers for discussing submissions criteria to High-index journals


It is immediate gateway to scientific, educational, methodological materials presented in the electronic edition.

Enables to publish scientific, educational and practical research results of the author's work using high-quality color illustrations, photographs, video and multimedia materials “with a click of a button”.

All scientific, educational and methodological materials produced and published in electronic resources are accounted for as a verified publication: they are subjected to copyright and serve as a basis for defense of thesis papers.

Increases personal citation index of authors as requests for electronic editions and resources significantly outweights circulation of paper editions.

Allows for automated search of necessary materials and materials’ download to any personal devise.

Creates interactive dialogue between users, authors and editorial staff.