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Introduction option for cooperation which may be extended further. It includes minimum essential services for publisher to enter into foreign markets

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This option deals with the brand recognition of the publishing house in a foreign market and increases customer loyalty to the resources provided by publishers

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What We Do


Assistance is provided through a centralized subscription: handling invoices and payment services for centralized subscription.

Consulting services

Our company provides the consulting services in critical issues and opportunities to bring deep, functional expertise in academic and scientific areas of the region to help to adapt to today’s market dynamics.

Market research

Market capacity assessment, identifying the main competitors, description of the pricing process in the country, preparation of a summary of legal issues and finally drawing up a portrait of the client.

Marketing services

Analysis of preferences and needs of the target audience; evaluation of the product, identification of its competitive advantages; organization of special events for the sale and promotion of goods, drawing up a general picture of global trends in the development of scientific areas.

Translation services

The Scientific Translation service is carried out in 3 stages: 1)Scientific translation – translation by a specialist in the subject area. 2) Bilingual proofreader check – a specialist who is fluent in English, checks the work for the correctness of the translation. 3) Editing by a native speaker – a specialist in English checks grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

Market representation services

The presentation and promotion of products, evaluation of market capacity and selection of target customers, development and implementation of sales strategy, arrangement trial access and accounting and legal support.

Why Choose Us

We always find and apply individual approach for each Publisher
Our company has excellent reputation in academic and scientific society
Our pricing policy is reasonable and very flexible
All our services are friendly prepared and oriented for extension of Publisher’s business
We always apply intelligent way for cooperation

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